Saturday, February 03, 2007


I've been neglecting this blog for awhile, but I'm going to be posting more regularly now, with a new template, some new features and a new focus.

I've noticed that a lot of visitors here have linked from the Malls of America and Livemalls sites, and so I've started my new links menu with them. Since those nostalgic photos from shopping mall history seem to be of interest, I plan to add some here from my collection of hundreds of images gathered over the years I researched THE MALLING OF AMERICA. However, a lot of those images need to be digitized first, so it may take awhile. I did convert a few slides--like the one above--but there are many more to come.

I'm fascinated by mall nostalgia, but I am mostly interested in the future. So this blog will also take up those aspects of consumer culture that characterize our present and have the greatest impact on the future. I hope that will be interesting, too.

I'll also be going back to previous posts and tagging them, to make the site more searchable. See you soon, and much more often...

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Steven Swain said...

It's not an exaggeration to say that The Malling of America changed my life. I'm proud to link to you from LiveMalls.